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Single Sessions

What Are Single Sessions

Sometimes a person may need a single consult to obtain clarity  on a perspective or you may need a consult to determine whether more is necessary. Single Sessions are now available to help you clarify your next steps. Are you looking for alternatives to a current pattern of behavior, interaction or thinking? Do you simply want to know what changes can be done to move in the direction that is meaningful to you? You may benefit from a single session.  The single sessions are available at the reduced cost of $100.00 per 50 minute session. If it at the end of the single session you decide you may benefit from ongoing counseling you may utilize your insurance at the time you return for a follow-up appointment.

Please call the office at 956-421-5708  to schedule your Single Session with Dr. Selia Servin-Eischen. We are located at 5505 South Expressway 77, Suite 201, Harlingen TX.